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Beam Shaper Focal-piShaper 9_HP for ultra-short pulse lasers

The Focal-piShaper 9_HP  presents a new version of refractive focusing beam shapers optimized to operate with modern high power Ultra-Fast (picosecond & femtosecond)  lasers.  Optical design of the Focal-piShaper 9_HP  is adapted to high pulse energy and provides reliable transformation…

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Polygon Scanners are required to utilize Ultrafast Lasers

Life in the Ultrafast Lane with Fiber Lasers describes the progress being made by the industry to increase power levels of Ultrafast lasers using fiber technology.  The article illustrates the superiority of Ultrafast /Ultra Short Pulse (USP) lasers for clean…

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Start-Of-Scan (SOS) laser for Polygon Scan Heads

It is common practice in low power polygon scanner systems to use the working beam to trigger a Start-Of-Scan (SOS) detector.  The SOS trigger is essential for accurate laser scanning. Polygon Scan Heads, used for material processing, employ high power…

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