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Polygon scanners can move a laser beam > 10x faster than a galvanometer scanner. The simplest implementation of a polygon scanner is a very fast line scan across a moving target. In applications like laser cleaning or surface treatment, a polygon scanner can cover a large surface area, with 100% pixel density, very rapidly. In this application, our Precision Laser ON/OFF Controller™ can synchronize the laser emission to coincide exactly where you want to do the work. Using a Start Of Scan signal to precisely determine mirror position, the Precision Laser ON/OFF Controller can be programmed by the user to turn the laser on and off exactly at the beginning and end of the work line.

The Precision Laser On/Off Controller is user programmable via USB, RS-232 or optional SPI interface. It can signal your laser via a TTL, Open collector or Opto isolated I/O line.

Precision Laser ON/OFF spec sheet.

More information about Start Of Scan Detection.

Illustration of a Polygon Scan Head.

You will probably need a high power compact beam expander.

F-Theta lenses for high power systems, diffraction limited, edge to edge.

Find polygon scanners here.

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