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Sync a polygon scanner with a galvo and laser for high speed raster scan.
– High speed raster scan of a static target.
– Or, use the galvo to sync with a moving target.
– Variable speed, angle, spacing and overlap.
– Operate standalone or remotely.
– Safety interlock.
– Powerful laser control interface.
Great for 3D Printer Proof of Concept!

In some situations, high power and USP / Ultrafast lasers cannot achieve their full speed potential with galvo scanners. When scan speeds of hundreds of meters a second are required, a polygon scanner may be the solution.

The Precision raster scan polygon controller can synchronize a polygon scanner with a galvo scanner and a laser to create a raster scan at hundreds of meters per second. The polygon provides a fast X-axis line scan. At the end of each line, the galvo steps one increment to provide the Y-axis. This scanner combination will create a raster scan on a fixed target. Or, the galvo can be used to sync with a moving target. This controller is designed to be used with a Wood Pecker (400-4000 RPM) or Eagle Eye (1000 to 10000 RPM) polygon scanner from Precision Laser Scanning. The controller allows remote control of the polygon speed. A Precision Start Of Scan (SOS) detection kit tells the controller precisely when each scan starts. This allows the controller to turn on the laser at the correct time. The user can adjust the range and overlap of the Y-axis galvo motion. The controller has an analog output to control the movement of the galvo.

The Precision raster scan polygon controller is ideal for high speed full field raster scanning as needed for ultrafast cleaning or surface modification.