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Beam Shaper Focal-piShaper 9_HP for ultra-short pulse lasers

The Focal-piShaper 9_HP  presents a new version of refractive focusing beam shapers optimized to operate with modern high power Ultra-Fast (picosecond & femtosecond)  lasers.  Optical design of the Focal-piShaper 9_HP  is adapted to high pulse energy and provides reliable transformation of TEM00 Gaussian laser beam into a beam which intensity distribution is optimum to create Flat-top, Doughnut, Inverse-Gauss intensity profiles in focal plane of a focusing lens after the Focal-piShaper. This intensity profile manipulation brings flexibility and improvement in various types of microprocessing techniques, allows achieving incredible efficiency of utilizing costly laser energy, almost eliminated HAZ, steep edges and accurate profiles of kerfs. Compactness, easy adjustability and simplicity of integration in already existing equipment, capability to work with scanning heads and F-theta lenses, variety of models for near-IR, Visual, UV spectrum make the Focal-piShaper an indispensable tool in various micromachining applications like scribing, drilling, patterning, microwelding.


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