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Polygon Scanners are required to utilize Ultrafast Lasers

Life in the Ultrafast Lane with Fiber Lasers describes the progress being made by the industry to increase power levels of Ultrafast lasers using fiber technology.  The article illustrates the superiority of Ultrafast /Ultra Short Pulse (USP) lasers for clean ablation and for nil Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).  These are VERY IMPORTANT new capabilities for many material processing and biomedical applications.

Keep in mind that Ultrafast means the laser pulses have very short (picosecond or femtosecond) pulses.  Some use the term Ultra Short Pulse (USP) laser for this technology.   The consequence of this is the pulse rate is very high, even into the MHz rate.  At the higher pulse rates, galvanometer (galvo) scanners are simply not fast enough.  This article states that high speed polygon scanners are required to fully utilize this game changing technology.  Precision Laser Scanning was founded to provide polygon scanners and related optics to meet the needs of Ultrafast /Ultra Short Pulse laser users.

At precisionlaserscanning.com you will find not only polygon scanners but many of the critical components to build a Polygon Scan Head.  This includes:
Beam Expanders
Beam Shaping
F-Theta Lenses
Start Of Scan (SOS) Detection

For design tips on Polygon Scan Heads contact Precision Laser Scanning at

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