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Precision Laser Scanning, LLC was founded by George Helser in 2015 to provide high speed polygon laser scanning information, experience and products to OEMs, Systems Integrators and others.

George’s work in optics started in 1991 while designing a unique opto-electronic device for surface-lit digitizing. He was awarded a patent for the invention. He went on to produce the product and market it worldwide.

Since 2007, George has focused on applications requiring high speed laser scanning. He is a subject matter expert in polygon scanner design and applications.  He is also experienced with other types of related laser scanning optics.

Here you will find products from Precision Laser Scanning as well as complementary products from around the world. All products have been vetted by George for meeting laser scanning requirements. Some products are top tier. Other products are high quality but designed for less demanding laser scanning applications. We strive to present all products in an accurate manner.

“ULTRAFAST / USP (picosecond and femtosecond) lasers will revolutionize the material processing market. I have been following this remarkable laser technology since the beginning. See my blog on this website with information on the latest laser scanning developments. Galvanometer speed laser scanning technology is mature and well understood worldwide. Ultrafast lasers are the material processing tool of the future but galvos are not always fast enough. Polygon scanning technology is needed but is mostly unfamiliar to the galvo scanning experts. One of my goals is to provide polygonal laser technology to those who need high speed scanning.”
George Helser, President, Precision Laser Scanning, LLC