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Precision Laser Scanning, LLC, specializes in high speed polygon scanners. Our technical staff has a combined experience of over 40 years designing polygon scanners. Some people reach out to us because their galvanometer scanners are not fast enough. We provide assistance to implement high speed polygon scanning.

Standard models of large and small polygon scanners are available with short lead time and low prices. (See the Eagle Eye, Wood Pecker and Gecko models.) Custom models are available with any number of facets.

We have many related products that can help you to implement a polygon scanner into a Polygon Scan Head:
Start-Of-Scan (SOS) detection kit for accurate scanning.
Compact beam expanders to adjust the incoming beam size.
Beam shaping for top hat / flattop or donut energy profile.
High accuracy F-Theta lenses.
IR detection glass for making high power beams visible.
Precision Raster Scan Polygon Controller for high speed laser cleaning or surface modification.

We provide advice on many different applications for high speed polygon scanning, including:

Polygon scanners can be easy to implement with a moving target. For X-Y scanning of a stationery target, our raster scan controller will sync polygon and galvo scanners for easy implementation of high speed cleaning or surface treatment. Third party applications software can be implemented for high speed marking applications.

Polygon scanners may be required to realize the full potential of the latest high power, Ultrafast and Ultra Short Pulse lasers. A polygon scanner has a much higher laser damage threshold than a galvo scanner.

Our large aperture, high speed polygon scanners are ideal for inspection applications.

Our large aperture polygon scanners, with any facet angle, are ideal for long range LIDAR systems needing X or X-Y axis polygon scanning
Our compact Gecko scanners are ideal for collision avoidance on small UAVs and autonomous vehicles.

Many informative topics on polygon scanning can be found in our Laser Scanning News section.