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25% off beam shapers till the end of February 2017!

Get the most out of your Gaussian beam!  25% off for the beam shaping products listed below. Focal-piShaper 9_1064_HP Focal-piShaper 9_1064q Focal-piShaper 9_1550 Focal-piShaper 9_266 Focal-piShaper 9_355q Focal-piShaper 9_532 Focal-piShaper 9_532q http://www.pishaper.com/focalpish.php#focal_round http://pishaper.com/pdfs/app/examples_beam_profiles_f_pish_9_355.pdf   Focal-piShaper NA0.06_50_80_9_1064 http://www.pishaper.com/focalpish.php#focal_na5080      …

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“Standard” large aperture polygon scanners have short lead time and low price

Material processing, with high power lasers, requires large aperture scanners to focus a large beam to a small spot on target.  Imaging applications, including LIDAR, collision avoidance, food product sorting and quality control also require large aperture scanners to collect…

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