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F-Theta Lenses
Some of the best optics are from Japan. GEOMATEC, a leading optics manufacturer in Japan, is now available in the US market. GEOMATEC makes high precision F-Theta lenses and beam expanders to rival the best in the world. As a leader in Japan, they have economies of scale which translates to competitive prices. Lead time is normally less than two weeks on standard models.

“I became aware of GEOMATEC through my business relationships in Japan. I met with a GEOMATEC lens designer, personally observed the consistent spot size across the scan field and spoke to some of their Asian customers. I became convinced of the product quality so I requested authorization to introduce these high precision optics in the US.”
George Helser, President, Precision Laser Scanning, LLC

Geomatic Features & Benefits:

  • High performance optical design for minimal spot variation across the scan field.
  • Diffraction limited spot across the scan field.
  • Low wave front error.
  • Most F-Theta lenses designed for ≤ 0.05% focus point deviation.
  • Telecentric lenses have telecentricity of < 1.5 degrees across the scan area.
  • Laser damage threshold tested by Institute for Laser Technology.
  • Two week lead time on standard optics.
  • Replaceable lens protection glass included.


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