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In some situations, high power and USP / Ultrafast lasers cannot achieve their full speed potential with galvanometer (galvo) scanners. When scan speeds of hundreds of meters a second are required, a polygon scanner may be the solution. The NEW Precision Raster Scan Polygon Controller can sync a polygon scanner with galvo and laser for a very fast, full field raster scan useful for laser cleaning and/or surface modification.

Laser cleaning applications include:
– Paint ablation/stripping
– Coating removal
– Cleaning of printing screens
– Descaling of metals
– Oxide removal
– Degreasing
– Pre-treatment of surfaces prior to welding, gluing, or coating.
The laser cleaning can be done immediately before the next process to avoid oxidation or contamination that could occur if the material sat for a while after cleaning.

Advantages of laser cleaning include:
– Abrasive free
– No chemicals to pollute or dispose of
– Precise control of the area to be cleaned without masking
– Low cost & high speed
– Laser technology is environmentally friendly

Laser surface treatment applications include:
– Super-hydrophobic surfaces (water rolls off)
– Super-hydrophilic surfaces (fully wetted by water)
– Anti-reflection (light is absorbed, such as solar panel)


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