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Precision Laser Scanning offers the most advanced polygon scanner controller available today.

Polygon scanners historically run at a single working speed and use a motor controller with a low level TTL system interface. This simple scheme, implemented without a CPU, is adequate for imbedded applications like laser printers and product inspection.

Today, high speed polygon scanners are being used with high power and Ultrafast / USP lasers in material processing applications. These systems need control of the polygon scanner over a high-level interface. The PLS-32-010 advanced controller has USB and RS-232 interfaces for remote control. The on-board CPU can regulate the polygon at any speed without an external frequency reference. The CPU can also synchronize multiple scanners to work together. It has a sine wave drive for low EMI and highly precise rotation over a wide speed range. The high capacity drive can power large aperture facets at scan rates of hundreds of meters per second. The PLS-32-010 supports the Wood Pecker™, Eagle Eye™ and Hawk Eye™ polygon scanner lines. Precision Laser Scanning is focused on providing high speed polygon scanners along with related optics and expertise to guide customers through successful integration.

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