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“Standard” large aperture polygon scanners have short lead time and low price

Material processing, with high power lasers, requires large aperture scanners to focus a large beam to a small spot on target.  Imaging applications, including LIDAR, collision avoidance, food product sorting and quality control also require large aperture scanners to collect reflected photons from the target.  
Till now, large aperture polygon scanners were only available as a custom product, with long lead time and a high price.  Precision Laser Scanning is now offering “Standard” model polygon scanners having apertures > 20mm with short lead time and a low price.  

The Wood Pecker family of polygon scanners is targeted toward the material processing market with speeds of 400 to 4,000 RPM.  


The Eagle Eye family of polygon scanners is targeted toward the imaging market with speeds of 1,000 to 10,000 RPM.  

Additional “Standard” models will be introduced on a regular basis to meet market demands.

Polygon scanners are superior to galvanometer scanners in Multi-Kilowatt material processing systems because polygon scanners have a much higher laser damage threshold.  High speed polygon scanning is often required to take full advantage of the latest high power and Ultrafast / USP lasers.  Polygon scanners are capable of scanning at hundreds of meters/second.

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