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LIDAR Resolution at Distance Calculator

If you are designing or evaluating a LIDAR system you might be interested in this free calculator to quickly determine the resolution at distance. It will be handy if you have a collision avoidance requirement for an autonomous vehicle and need to estimate how far away the LIDAR can resolve a dog, a pedestrian, a car or a truck. Or, for an autonomous vehicle picking up riders and estimating high resolution at short range to identify a passenger.
The calculation is strictly angle calculations and cannot take into account the range or accuracy of the LIDAR system.

The calculator may be used to evaluate the horizontal or vertical scan field. Enter the size of the scan field in degrees.
Enter the number of scan lines or laser shots within that scan angle. The spacing in degrees is automatically calculated.
Enter the distance of interest. The spot separation (resolution) for that distance is automatically calculated.
Although it requests distance in meters, you may use any unit of measure (feet, yards, etc). The spot separation calculated will be in the same unit of measure as the distance.

The calculator is a free download, no questions asked!

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  1. […] For example, a four facet polygon, moving only the beams of eight stationary lasers, scanning at 5000 RPM, can scan horizontally 120 degrees wide with vertical resolution of 2667 lines per second. At a 10 Hz, non-interlaced video rate, that allows a galvo to scan 267 lines of vertical resolution. At 100 meters and a 10 degree AOI, this gives a vertical resolution of 130 mm. FREE LIDAR RESOLUTION AT DISTANCE CALCULATOR […]

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