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Tired of high price & long lead time for top quality F-theta lenses?

A company was paying a lot for top quality German made F-Theta lenses.  Less expensive lenses did not have the optical quality to meet the high accuracy in their material processing application.  They found that Geomatec F-theta lenses from Japan were as good as, or better than, the best German optics.  Geomatec was less expensive and had shorter lead time.  Geomatec has more than 50 years of experience in the optics industry but is virtually unknown in the US.
Geomatec F-Theta lenses
GEOMATEC F-Theta lenses are diffraction limited across the scan field, have low wave front error and are very stable in high power applications.  Telecentric lenses have telecentricity of < 1.5 degrees across the scan area.  These qualities are important in high precision material processing applications.

Their complimentary fixed and zoom beam expanders have extremely low beam shape distortion.  This is important in applications where beam shape is critical.  They are easy to adjust for divergence.  Common body size allows interchanging of different magnification to accommodate different sources.

GEOMATEC’s experience with dielectric coatings provides high light transmission.  Optics been have tested for laser damage threshold.

GEOMATEC optics are priced competitively and lead times are typically less than two weeks.  Custom F-theta lenses are available on request.  http://precisionlaserscanning.com/f-theta-lenses/


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