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These fast, high accuracy, Linear Voice Coil Actuators with integrated feedback are useful tools in laser scanning.
Precision Laser Scanning can design custom motion control electronics and software for your Voice Coil Actuator requirements.

Z-Axis Focusing
X-Y laser scanners may employ a VCA to give fast Z-Axis focusing. There two common applications:

  • The X-Y scanner is a gantry system and the Z-Axis focusing is compensating for a target which has Z-Axis variation.
  • The X-Y scanner may be a galvo scan head and the Z-Axis focusing is used to produce a flat scan field without an F-Theta lens! And, can also be programmed to compensate for a target which has Z-Axis variation!

Fast Steering Mirrors (FSM)

An FSM is a single mirror which can be rapidly tilted in X and Y. The X-Y motion is accomplished with four VCAs.

Packaged Linear Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) with internal position sensor

  • Precision Laser Scanning will design the servo system for your application
  • Resolutions available up to 10 microns
  • Absolute analog output
  • Available with DC servo drive controllers
  • Capable of exceeding 500 million cycles


Precision Laser Scanning can design a closed loop servo system around these highly accurate linear Voice Coil Actuators (VCAs).  It will be designed to meet customer requirements for acceleration, velocity and position of the shaft.  The accurate feedback technology is capable of high speed and high reliability.  Please send us your laser scanning specifications for a Z-Axis control or an X-Y Fast Steering Mirror (FSM) system.